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Services @ HASINI ARC


for Childrens

The educational needs of Children at Hasini ARC are unique, in this sense that some of the children...


Live and Let Live

We the Hasini ARC have full-time shelters both for boys and girls separately,

Health & Nutrition

Providing Good Food

As the children on streets live in insanitary conditions and are prone to various infections and diseases.

Child Protection

for Childrens

Hasini ARC is committed to actively safeguard the children especially girl child from harm and ensuring children’s right to protection are fully realized.


for Childrens

The main role of counsellor in Hasini ARC is to create a confidential & safe platform for children to air their feelings & experiences.

Sports and Games

for Childrens

Hasini ARC emphasizes on activity based learning to make the kids independent.

Join Our Mission to Improve a Child's Future, Children's Life and Education.