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Our Team

Founder & Co-Founder

Vavilala Sai Manish SagarFounder

I am Mr Vavilala Sai Manish Sagar founder of Hasini ARC.The main moto of this organisation is to get awareness in people to help in the society.Some of my friend steps involved to make success.ARC represent aspirationl responsibility and caring.I have seen many students are good in there academics but those parents are not able to pay school fee or some basics stuff.I thought that let’s start a small organisation with my friends support and family support.according to my philosophy we should never walk in a path which was done by others.we should make unique path others follow our path in good perspective.Others should take social responsibility towards the society.

Share RamanCo-Founder

I am Mr Share raman yadav working as a influencer in the society and co-founder of Hasini ARC.my aim is to make the society proud and make good causes for poor familes.we also provide some basic stuff for students who's academics was good.so take social responsibility towards the soceity.

Vinay PatelCo-Founder

I am Mr vinay Patel working as student leader in an organisation & co-founder of Hasini ARC.So many familes of poor are send there children or grown up to some work which aren't related to there studies.i have seen many students in my daily life so we made a platform to help for students & poor.

Team Members

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